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Jabsco REMOTE CONTROL SEARCHLIGHT (JABSCO) 7 SEARCHLIGHT CHR W/TALL BASE.. Product #: 6-620404002 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $1,356.51 $1,356.51


Manufacturer: Jabsco
Product SKU: 6-620404002

Price: $1,356.51  $1,085.21

  • Complete 12V drive unit enclosed in light housing

  • Single control lever for vertical and horizontal movement

  • Variable speed control for precise beam movement

  • On-off beam selection from a single switch

  • Brass base

  • Internal brake system holds beam firmly on target

  • Electronically controlled rotational limit stops prevent motor burn-out

  • Exclusive Clutch-A-Matic features protect drive unit against overload

  • Can operate for extended periods against limit stops without harm

  • Light head may be moved manually without damage to the drive unit

  • Includes control panel with on-off switch; variable speed control; and single control for vertical and horizontal movement

7" Chrome Searchlight w/Tall Base
7" Chrome Searchlight w/Tall Base

Specification Attributes
Electrical Remote Control Spotlights
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