Tuesday, 11 June 2019 13:22


Its the beginning of a new boating season here in Michigan and you have had it with your outboard. Its loud, guzzles gas, costly to repair, and simply just outdated. You're done with the headaches so you decide to repower your boat with newer technology, possibly making that move to a four stroke. You would like to save some money by going with a used outboard, but buying new isn't out of the question. You're just sure you want a dependable motor that starts right up and runs the rest of the day. Either route you take Vans Sport Center has the inventory and experience to help you get what suites your needs.

If buying a used motor seems to fit your budget a little better, Vans has quite the selection. Depending on what we took in on trade from the previous year, our used inventory can consist of multiple different brands at any given time. You can find Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Mariner, Yamaha, Tohatsu and Suzuki outboards between the late 1980's to present. All of our used outboards are Michigan fresh water motors that have been gone through and serviced from top to bottom by our mechanics before putting them on our shelves. Our mechanics look over things like spark, compression, the lower unit, shifting, tilt and trim, and anything else that may need some attention. On top of that, Vans offers a warranty for the first season of use to give you some peace of mind.

Now, lets say price isn't necessarily the deciding factor and you want a motor without any previous owners. Vans can definitely help you out with that one as well. Vans Sport Center is an authorized dealer for all of the major names in the outboard industry such as Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercury, Tohatsu and Suzuki. We stock a wide range of horsepower sizes for all brands and if we happen to be out of stock of a particular model, we are more than happy to order one for you. The benefit of going new is that you are ensuring you're not ending up with someone else's problems, say as to buying a motor from someone off of Craigslist. Unless you check spark, compress, and the gearcase yourself, you are just taking the sellers word that it is a good motor with no major issues. Also, if you purchase a new motor at the right time of year you can take advantage of the great promotions they offer like rebates or longer warranties. It always feels great to get a little better deal on something you want, especially something as expensive as an outboard.

So you picked out a new or "new to you" motor and your having Vans install it on your boat. We like to go one step further than just hanging the motor on there and calling it good. We like to run the boat on the water after it's all rigged up to make sure everything is working properly. We also bring a few different pitch propellers with us to make sure that the motor is hitting the right RPM's while factoring in the max load you generally have on your boat. Doing that little extra in the rigging process ensures that you will get the best performance out of your motor when you go to put it on the water.

If you're interested in a new or used outboard, be sure to visit us at Van's Sport Center. Or, you can give us a call at (616) 364-0666. Outboards can be picked up or shipped directly to you for a price.