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Evinrude Outboard Motors

At Van’s Sport Center you can expect to see a full line of E-TEC Evinrude outboards for sale starting with the 15hp H.O. and running all the way up to the brand new G2 models. Evinrude ETEC two-stroke outboards are a lot quieter than your father's old two-stroke he used to run. In fact, these Evinrude outboards have sound levels that are so quiet that they could easily be compared to a quiet four-stroke engine. If you're used to a loud engine, you might just feel the need to double-check that the engine is actually purring! Aside from a quiet motor, they also deliver the torque and power that you would expect from a two-stroke motor while producing 80% lower carbon monoxide emissions than a four-stroke at idle. Talk about combining two-stroke power and four-stroke low emissions.

The direct injection system on an E-TEC sends the precise amount of fuel needed so that you burn less at idle as well as throughout the rest of the RPM range. They also require half the amount of oil that is needed for a conventional direct-injection outboard.  In addition, Evinrude outboard motors offer some fantastic features like the no-required-break-in period, their self auto-winterization mode, and the fact that they'll never need an oil change like a four-stroke engine would. So if you're looking for a dependable two-stroke with outstanding performance and minimal maintenance, check out the ETEC Evinrude outboard motors for sale from Van's.

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E25DPSL Evinrude 25HP Outboard



$4,720.00  $3,895.00