It is the goal of Van's Sport Center to provide an outstanding customer experience.  We hope to attain this goal by providing the right parts and accessories in a timely manner provided by a knowledgeable and friendly staff.  If you have a great experience, we would love to hear from you.  If your experience is not up expectations, we would like to hear from you as well to correct any problems we may have.  

Below you will find our terms and conditions for use of this website, please review before use. Thank you for visiting Van's Sport Center.

Product Availability
Orders placed are subject to change based on product availability. If an ordered part is out of stock, Van's Sport Center will reach out to you with your options for the next step. When product availability is an issue with an order, customer will have the option to wait for backorder or cancel order with a full refund. Customer will be notified via email within 24 business hours if your item is on backorder. Backorder dates are provided by suppliers and are not guaranteed! Therefore, our estimated delivery dates are subject to change. Because product availability cannot always be guaranteed, Van's cannot be held responsible for losses, costs, damages, charges, or expenses that have been caused by inadequate product availability. While we work to complete all orders in the estimated time frame, delivery at times is not in the realm of our control due to supplier delivery or supplier product availability. Delivery dates are approximate and subject to change, because of this, we are not accountable for losses, damages, costs, expenses, or charges caused by delivery delay.

Physical Limitations
Before transporting an outboard motor, consider circumstances that come along with the handling, carrying and starting of motor. Strength and weight vary for different outboards. Difficulty getting a motor to start because of physical strength limitations does not allow for waivered terms or return and exchange.  

Typographical Errors
Product information and/or pricing information may be subject to clerical errors or wrong information received from our suppliers. In cases where these errors appear, Van's Sport Center will not be held liable for error and hold the right to refuse or cancel any order. Errors in this form should not be cause of cancellation, waiver, return, or exchange by the customer.

Sales Tax
For purchases made within Michigan, Van's Sport Center is required to collect Michigan tax (6.00%). Van's Sport Center is exempt from collecting Michigan sales tax on purchases made outside of Michigan. Depending on which state customer holds residence, they may owe sales, excise, or other tax for that state. Customer holds responsibility in verifying tax policies and collections for their respective state and local municipality.
Product Exchanges and Returns 

After purchase, products eligible for return are given a 10 day period to do so. All products are eligible for return except for those mentioned below. Excluded products include: outboard engines, generators, propellers, electrical parts or components (anything that requires voltage), service or owner manuals, parts with any open or missing package. Orders that are acceptable for return or exchange will have a 15% restocking fee applied. When a return or exchange is requested, customer and/or purchaser will be responsible for freight charges: both initial delivery from Van's Sport Center, which will not be included in any credit issued upon return, and return delivery back to Van's Sport Center. Please be aware returns and exchanges could take up to (3) three business days to clear once the product has arrived at Van's Sport Center.

Cancellations/Refused or Undeliverable address
For orders where delivery has already been completed, see "Product Exchange and Returns" section above. For purchases that have been processed but not yet received, contiue with this section. When a credit card has been charged, that order is deemed to have been processed for purposes of this section and website. Restocking fees of 15% are applicable once a credit card has been charged and the order processed. For orders that have already been shipped, those shipping charges (including the original shipping charge and cost of shipping to return part(s)) are the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from credit being returned for cancelled order. A restocking fee of 15% will be charged to all orders with a refused deliver and/or undeliverable address. In addition to restocking fee, the cost of storage decided by the appropriate freight company used to make shipment. 

Product Operation/ Registration/ License
Applicable registration is the responsibility of the customer and customer is expected to complete licensing in his/her state and/or local municipality. For outboard purchases, Manufacturer Statement of Origin (title) will be provided. Documents will arrive by mail within 7-14 business days of purchase. Customer is held responsilbe for safe and legal use of purchases made at Van's Sport Center, our sale to customer is not a claim or an acknowledgement of legal operation is customers state and/or local municipality. Safety and legality of product use should be considered by customer before purchase. All customers are strongly encouraged, by Van's Sport Center, to read manuals provided for outboard in full before use. Improtant information, such as set-up and safety info, can be found in these manuals.

Term and Termination
Upon access of Van's Sport Center website, Van's terms and conditions become applicable to customer's purchases and actions. Terms may be dismissed by Van's Sport Center without any form of notice. The articles referring to Copyrights and Trademarks, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, and Indemnification will survive any dismissal. 
General Use of Website
Van's Sport Center will not tolerate any form of harassment -- including e-mail, telephone contact, or obscene language. Solicitation, in any form or manner, is strictly forbidden. Made impersonations of Van's Sport Center, including Van's Sport Center employees, members or visitors, is strictly and strongly prohibited. Content from Van's Sport Center website shall not be published or distributed for any reasons that are threatening, encroaching on Van's privacy or rights, abusive, illegal, or objectionable because of its ability to give rise to liability or violate any law. Website shall not be used to solicit members for other online websites or organizations, and vice versa, no commercial content should be uploaded to Van's website. 

Third-Party Links
Third party links that can be found within Van's Sport Center website content- placed in order to help us provide increased value for our customers and visitors - may have affiliation to Van's Sport Center but still maintain independence in their actions. Regardless of linked affiliation, Van's does not have control over linked websites and third party linked websites  have, and will act on, their own respective privacy and data collection practices. Third party websites hold full responsibility for the liability of their own business actions and practices. These links are there solely for customer convenienve and shall only be used at customer's risk. We seek to protect our integrity and the integrity of our online content, feedback is always welcome. 

Material and products from Van's Sport Center website, both purchased and viewed, are presented and provided on an "AS IS" or "AS AVAILABLE" basis. Also, without warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied. To as much as extent permissable to pursuant applicable law, Van's Sport Center denies all warranties, whether implied or stated, including warranties or merchantability and fitness for purpose and non-infringement. Van's Sport Center does not denote that all use of website will be uninterrupted or free of error, that defects will be removed, or that host server used is free of viruses or other disruptive, possibly harmful, components. Van's Sport Center makes no warranties or representations that denote to the usefulness of parts and products in this website, specifcally relating to their exactness, accuracy, adequacy, usefulness, timeliness, reliability, or otherwise. The above limitations may not apply. 

Limitation of Liability
Van's Sport Center will not be held responsible for damages or losses that result from use of, or inability to use, the provisions of Van's Sport Center's website. This also includes the use of products purchased from Van's Sport Center website. 

Van's Sport Center -along with its employees, contractors, agents, and suppliers - will be held defended, remitted by customer, and held harmless from and against losses, expenses, damages, and costs that have been caused by violation of terms and conditions as well as activity on the customer's account by customer themself or others accessing the website on customer's behalf.

Governing Law
This website and orders completed are administrered by Van's Sport Center, operations are correlated with the State of Michigan, United States of America. Purchases resulting in the use of this website, are all held in line with the laws of the State of Michigan. With the use of this website, the customer is complying to the jurisdiction and venue of the federal and/or state courts of Michigan for any disagreements, claims, or required cause of action that involves purchases created from use of this website or the content found on this website.