Friday, 19 November 2021 14:34


Christmas is right around the corner, but what do you get the person on your list that loves to be on the water? You could go with the traditional new rod and reel set-up, maybe some tackle, or even another pair of expensive sunglasses that they will just end up breaking or loosing in a few months. What if it was something that gives back to the enviroment everytime they're on their favorite waterway?

What if that perfect gift was a portable trash can?

I know, I know, its a trash can. I mean its not as cool as a new pair of Costas but for someone who loves the water as much as they do, you would think that they would be on board with an initiative to help clean our waters, amiright? Thats exactly what the folks at Fish Gods are all about. They realized that conservationists are in short supply and that environmental organizations are understaffed and underfunded. They also see that there is a decline in government funding to national wildlife refuges, people becoming members in sportsman clubs, and money for non-profits. The organizations that were once thriving are now just trying to keep their head above water and the countless conservation projects that need immediate attention are being put on the back burner or forgot about.

Fish Gods are a for-profit company to be able to bypass a number of problems that other organizations face. They dont have membership dues, ask for donations, or receive government funding. They solely rely on the support of people who love the outdoors and purchase their products such as the Clean Earth Bag. With the Clean Earth Bag, conservationist like you and me are equipped with a take anywhere tool that can help clean our waters where ever we go. For this, we not only benefit from a cleaner planet, but it also creates the needed revenue that goes directly towards environmental change. When you purchase a product from Fish Gods, 5% is collected from the total revenue and placed in a fund that is used for environmental initiatives across the country.

Just to be clear, Fish Gods are not trying to replace existing organizations that are already making an impactful difference. Their plan is to use the funds they receive and work collectively with a number of organizations such as Trout Unlimited, to conduct research and tackle conservation projects quickly and effectively. So basically, Fish Gods raise the funds and the organizations like Trout Unlimited provide the knowledge, research, and man power. Collectively, they are able to make a difference.

The Clean Earth Bag is not the only product that they offer, but I feel it has the most impact out of all of their products. Not only is 5% donated back into conservation efforts when you purchase the bag, but it allows you to be an active part of the solution one piece of trash at a time. How many times have you gone to the beach, lake, or trout stream and came across some type of garbage or litter? Dont lie. I would bet just about every time you are on the water you come accross something. The Clean Earth Bag can condition us to get in the habbit of picking up the trash we see in our beloved waterways. My dad always told me whenever we were out on state land or barrowed property, "leave the place cleaner than you found it". To this day these are still words I live by and I believe that this product can be a driving force in preserving the natural resources that we love.

Like I said before, yeah its a trash can. It might not be that big ticket gift this holiday season but in the grand scope of things its so much more. So when your thinking about a gift for that certain someone, dont just think about what they love to do. Think about the places that allow them to do what they love, because being able to use those resources is the true gift. We need to be concious about the future of our resources to make sure that they are here for years to come.