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As I am looking over the Mercury Marine outboard motors for this up coming season I am seeing quite a few new additions and changes that have been made. Honestly, there are so many new motors this year that it looks like they have completely revamped their whole line-up. Which is exciting news if you ask me. Although the majority of the changes start at the 150hp range and go up from there, their 15 and 20hp outboards have some interesting improvements that can be seen as well.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 09:59

Boating Breakdowns

We have all been there one time or another. Stuck at the dock or stranded on the lake with a motor that doesn't want to run. If you haven't been there yet, hopefully you never will. When it does happen though, it turns a great day on the water into a nightmare. Hopefully problems don't arise half way through the day when you are in the middle of the lake. In those cases usually your only option is to get a hand from another boater or to call a tow service. I mean, no one wants to be the guy who asks a stranger to stop enjoying their day just to help you out. Lets hope you are prepared enough for most possible breakdown situations so that you can get back to the dock without having to be "that guy".

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